Thursday, 25 December 2014

PODCAST: Santa Claus: The Movie & Blackadder's Christmas Carol (Joe & Christmas Do a Thing)

Festive balls, kids! Episode 4 of our podcast intersects with the timing of that new craze, Christmas, so we thought we'd dip a toe in and really get a sense of what it's all about. Well, we didn't really. We just watched two things we liked and talked about them.

Chris is endlessly fascinated by things that are big news for a short space of time and then become almost obscurely small not too long after their initial release (like Peter Gabriel's legitimately big hit single Steam). One of the things he considers to meet these criteria is Santa Claus: The Movie, a curious mixture of festive whimsy and anti-consumerist polemic that, ironically, also had a major tie-in deal with McDonalds.

Joe, meanwhile, likes comedy that's funny. That may seem reasonable but we all know that there are entire series and channels predicated on the fact that some people don't care if a comedy is funny or not. This being the case, he's keen to share one of the most successfully funny Christmas programmes the UK has to offer (no, not the 2014 Catchphrase Christmas Special with Warwick Davies, but that's a fine guess), I, of course, refer to the merry, messy Blackadder's Christmas Carol.

Luckily, all this jollity gave us enough good tidings to plough through a particularly difficult and soul searching question from our listener Kirsten, in which we'll hope you'll indulge us our attempts to answer.

Anyway, that's enough of this overly-wordy blog entry, just sit back and relax as...

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