Wednesday, 4 February 2015

PODCAST: "Nude, eh?"

It's a Royal Ramble!

To be honest, Joe & Chris expected that this week's Thing would be an unthemed Ramblecast, taking in various topics that were on our minds at the time but we were completely over-run by our opening gambit, the 2015 WWE Royal Rumble and the reaction to it.

So, the long expected day (the day we SOLELY talk about pro wrestling) is upon us. Do we disagree on the Rumble outcome? Do we make Reigns look strong? Do we use Dolph Ziggler's real name? (yes) Do we use Dean Ambrose's real name? (no) Do we like half-assed wrestling stables thrown together because WWE has three black Superstars they don't know what to do with? (triple no).

With all the answers given above, it's almost not worth listening to JOE & CHRIS DO A THING!

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